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Let Your Data Speak

Go beyong traditional BI and anomaly detection. Figure out how every component of your business impact your business success.

From individual product features to support and marketing, Brainxo was developed to regulate and optimize processes that impact enterprise success.

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Your Data analyst in the cloud.

Join the AI for business revolution. Utilize data in every business decision. Connect your data sources and you are set. No need to hire armies of data engineers and scientist.

  • Easy Setup: No coding required, connect your data source and see the magic. No ETL process to setup and manage.
  • Tailored for your entire organization: Your finance department needs finance related insights, recommendations, and predictions. HR needs a different one. Brainxo delivers relevant solutions to each department of your business.
  • Unified Experience: From your support to marketing, see clear relationships and measure how they impact your business process.
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Integrates with your existing business tools.

Brainxo integrates with your business tools from CRMs, support, marketing to accounting and finance management softwares.

  • Flexible, fast reporting: Leave nothing behind, build custom dashboard with advanced adhoc queries in natural language.
  • Affordable data warehousing: Successful businesses have proven that the answers lies in the data. Brainxo offers business an easy way to effortlessly stream & store data.
  • Data Science: Brainxo was built to offer advanced data extraction, cleaning and analysis for businesses of all sizes from startups to enterprises.
  • SDKs: Building a web or mobile app? Utilize our SDKs to gather data from your infrastructures. Our platform also integrate with Mixpanel and

Easy Setup

Connect your data sources, that is it. You are set!

Save hours of data cleaning, we take care of the entire ETL process so you don’t have to.

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Available for business of all sizes

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What you get

with Brainxo

A highly responsive web app customized to fit your business needs. Our finely designed UI gives you a great view of your business.

  • Multi-user accounts
  • Industry-level assistance
  • Tiered user access
  • Powerful business insights
  • Integrates with your existing tools
  • Legendary support
  • AI-powered Business advice,
    predictions and recomendations
  • Advanced reporting

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